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Order-Taking will only get you 'lowest-price'   -   Quality of SalesTM will get you full EBIT

“In the absence of a high-level argument, lowest price is the best indicator.”   Reiten’s Rule

“Totally honest, and still impressive.”   Erling’s Dictum

“The more thorough the Marketing, the easier the Selling.”   Longford’s Law

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keyboard_arrow_right Offers a route out of the ITT 'lowest price' supplier straight-jacket

keyboard_arrow_right Informed by issue-specific research and analysis

  • Quality of SalesTM

    The concept that Marketing, Sales and Customer Service should be every bit as focused, structured and detailed as the Science, Engineering and Production of a manufacturer / producer, else customers and EBIT suffer.

Improvement Methodology

Financial Performance Ratio

Sales yield based on Economic Value-Add accounting over the business, project or product life-cycle

Cost Planning Formula

Aligning + integrating the 5 core sales pistons, per business unit or product line, so that a Sales campaign is purpose-fully designed & resourced to achieve the target EBIT

Laws and Concepts

As apply to Business-to-Business and Industrial Science & Engineering marketing, sales, customer service

Tools and Techniques

Methods to action the Laws and Concepts

Performance & Validation

Case studies, references and results

  • Selling into Industry 4.0

    Hi-Tech, Big Data, digital marketing and webshops will only assist Level 1 Sales – Level 10 and Level 100 Sales will still require big thinking, as well as investment in High-Touch capabilities.

  • Licensing Intellectual Property

    Maximising the revenue per shelf-life of IP by discreet sales campaigns into completely unrelated markets and applications.

  • Business propositions & pricing

    Business propositions encompass the Value Proposition the customer gets, plus, the Business Model that will deliver requisite EBIT for the vendor.

  • Sales campaigns - sized nano to maxi

    Every sale can and should be pre-positioned and structured on a strategic marketing investment plan & budget, be it a quick & dirty nano campaign, through micro-mini-midi level initiatives, to a global saturation maxi campaign.

  • Preparing a company for Sale

    Just as it might take some 2-3 years to dress the balance sheet, so it can take 2-3 years to re-position a company in its market place, plus install new business models; the second can be purposefully driven to secure the first.

  • People, performance & remuneration

    Optimise the new & repeat business contribution of all your customer-facing staff by positioning them each in their natural, most capable & motivated sales role.

  • Sales assessment with quick-wins

    An office by office, "sales manager's nose" fast-inspection of every aspect of a firm's Marketing-Sales-Customer Service SWOT, identifying and implementing quick-wins, and negotiating change priorities.

  • Competitive analysis & progression

    The QoSL industrial equivalent of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, not only gives absolute and comparative market positioning of companies / products, but also indicates likely rising / falling trajectories, and so competitive opportunities.

  • Business planning & funding

    The core of any organic growth plan, and justification for funding, is threefold :

    • the scope and sweet spot of each product / service.
    • the Level 1-10-100 Sales magnitude and potential of each product line / business unit.
    • the EBIT construction of each Sale.

  • Company acquisitions & turnarounds

    Parachuting in a sales manager on Day 1, along with financial & legal / IP executives, will secure if not enhance current key sales and client accounts, stop deviant goings-ons, sort and address priorities.

  • Major bids and sales

    Increasing the win-rate and EBIT by the R&D and projection of sweet-spot Business Propositions, relevant gates and realistic KPIs, and unleashing 'lucky General' sales managers.

  • Value propositions

    Analysing and improving technical, operational and fiduciary purchasing factors of not just single product / service Sales, but complete Supply Chain competitiveness as well.

  • Brands + buy-lines + sales messages

    R&D and design of clear, compelling, and complete promotion initiatives that capture and channel customers' Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action-Again.

  • New Product marketing & sales

    For launch success, and then market capture, a Marketing & Sales R&D project to advance in step with the new product’s progression though its' Technology Readiness Levels.

  • Global sales & training programs

    Typically to drive new product / service global roll-outs, with enabling customer awareness initiatives and staff skills training.

  • Operational problem solving

    A 5-step process for including and addressing the fiduciary issues of major / critical technical and operational issues, so as to achieve complete resolution to the satisfaction of external as well as internal stakeholders.

  • Sales process Gates, KPIs, Ratios

    Every product / service sale should be tracked through a 'Cost of Making This Sale' process analytic  -  short & sweet for Level 1 sales, long & sour for Levels 10+100 Sales.

  • Customer evaluation & investment

    Setting and utilising criteria for the evaluation, strategy, investment / disinvestment, of Perfect Portfolio, Perfect Customer, Perfect Order units of business.

  • EVA accounting of Sales

    Economic Value-Add assessment of Sales Yield of business units and product / service lines - the degree to which all soft as well as hard resources are being superbly, acceptably, or poorly deployed.

  • Next Generation of managers

    Ensuring business continuity as the Baby Boomers and Generation X retire, by ensuring that the Millennials complement their munificent keyboard skills with an understanding, appreciation and application of the Sales and Sales Management skills that are for the most part totally absent in their education and experience.

Campaigns - marketing, sales, customer service

Workshops - kick-off sessions, progress pumping stations, wash-ups

Market research - single question to complete PESTLE

Interim management - 'steady as she goes' to 'right this fast'

Assignments - medium term briefs, local or global

Long-term role - Board advisor to in-company facilitator / coach

Spot consultancy - single hour, single day, single week

Performance audits - strategy review or issue-based